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Strategic Operational Risk Resiliency Management

Operational Risk Resiliency

Collaboration with clients and their partners is key to operationally promoting risk resiliency in designing education and training to meet client needs and employee work schedules. We partner with industry experts to provide tailored risk management education and training programs for small and large groups both in person and remotely.

Managing strategic risk is a collaborative effort when providing education and building consensus. Employees that participate in the design of risk education and training topics actively become partners in risk and safety programming. Your business model and employee relationships are important to the design and delivery of your education and training and the overall success of your risk profile. Let us help you design, and cost effectively deliver programs that best suit your risk needs.

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Sample Education and Training Topics Include:

  • ZBasics of Risk Management
  • ZBusiness Continuity Planning
  • ZConstruction Risk Mitigation
  • ZContractual Risk Partnerships
  • ZEmerging Risk and Insurance Protocols
  • ZIncident, Claims and Litigation Management
  • ZRisk Engagement and Interaction
  • ZPublic Private Duties for Special Events
  • ZPublic Private Partnerships
  • ZPurchasing Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • ZRecreation Safety and Security
  • ZReducing Facility Slips, Trips and Falls
  • ZRisk and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • ZRisk and Safety in Transition
  • ZSafety Committee Design and Implementation
  • ZWorkplace Safety and Security
  • ZWorkplace Harassment: Prevention and Mitigation
  • ZWorkplace Violence: Prevention and Mitigation