Education Promoting Operational Risk Resiliency

Collaboration with clients and their partners is key to operationally promoting risk resiliency in designing education and training to meet client needs and employee work schedules. We partner with industry experts to provide tailored risk and safety education and training programs for small and large groups both in person and remotely.

Managing strategic risk is a collaborative effort when providing education and building consensus. Employees that participate in the design of risk education and training topics actively become partners in risk and safety programming. Your governance model and employee relationships are important to the design and delivery of your education and training and the overall success of your risk profile. Let us help you design, and cost effectively deliver programs that best suit your operational risk and safety needs.

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Risk Education Partnerships

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PRIMA's Education Series Center

Marilyn provides multiple educational opportunities through PRIMA’s Education Series Center (ESC) features resources developed to enhance the skill-set and increase the effectiveness of public risk management professionals. The ESC shares information regarding fundamental risk management methodology as well as emerging trends within the profession. PRIMA members have the opportunity to learn from practitioners who are subject matter experts.

Her sessions include: “Building Safety Cultures That Work: Engaging Employees in Safety Reporting;” “Emerging Risk and Insurance;” and “Fraud in Risk Management.” She has also recorded a series of risk and insurance tutorial podcasts for individuals entering the public risk management field for PRIMA throughout the years.

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PRIMA's Emerging Risk Virtual Training

PRIMA’s Emerging Risks Virtual Training is designed to provide risk managers with the insight necessary to address issues that may currently affect their entity or that are upon the horizon.

Marilyn presents “Title IX Emerging Risks and Their Impact on Public Entity Risk” in part one of this training series, where her learning objectives are:

1. Understand the 2020 changes in protections of Title IX and their implications for risk programming for your organization.

2. Identify a practical approach to proactively addressing and preventing potential misconduct as it pertains to Title IX within your community.

3. Explore the consequences of Title IX violations, investigations and the balance of justice in determining penalties within the new parameters.

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PRIMA Podcast "Operational Risk Issues Facing Public Entities During Freedom of Speech"

In this podcast episode, we chat with Marilyn Rivers. Marilyn discusses operational risk issues for public entities concerning freedom of speech. She underscores the importance of business continuity planning, redundancy in processes and the valuation of public assets. Marilyn highlights the need for accessible information, preparedness and proactive community measures. She also emphasizes safety committees and partnerships with educational institutions and government agencies, Marilyn advocates for a holistic approach to risk management, utilizing the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to mitigate community risks.
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CPCU Society Webinars

The CPCU Society is a global community for risk management and insurance professionals. They hold webinars so members can gain insight and ask questions of expert presenters on a rich variety of topics.

Marilyn’s webinar titled “Interagency Strategic Risk Relationships in Governance,” discussed how today’s communities are a part of a global environment that is dynamically impacted by forces of nature, political climate, employee population, social media, constituency activity and government programming and mandates. Identifying and measuring emerging risk as part of the totality of risk mitigation mechanisms is difficult in the best of times. The webinar discussed balancing reality with global economic pressures as professionals strategically communicate their risk mitigation efforts interdepartmentally and with the public entities their organizations serve.

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Virginia PRIMA 2024 Conference

The Virginia Chapter of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) serves public sector risk management professionals throughout the commonwealth of Virginia. We help our members grow professionally through meetings and events that increase their knowledge and expertise in risk management safety, insurance, and other vital areas.

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NYSICA 2023 Fall Conference

The New York State Internal Control Association (NYSICA) provides educational opportunities to New York government agencies, authorities, and commissions comprised of over 400 participants from international, federal, state and local public entities who strive to maintain and improve accountability in government.

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Georgia PRIMA 2023 Keynote Address: "Risk in Adversity"

Ashley Bonner, Senior Risk Control Consultant at Trident Public Risk Solutions, had the honor of introducing Marilyn for the keynote address.

“I have known the fabulous Marilyn Rivers for a long time through National PRIMA, and she has been a role model and muse for me for many years. She gives this fantastic support and mentoring for so many Risk Managers and public leaders from coast to coast as well as internationally, along with many others of us who are here today. She is a true leader, providing inspiring education, empowerment, and uplifting energy, not only to individuals but to organizations as well.”

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PRIMA's Insight Hour

Marilyn is featured on PRIMA’s Insight Hour, where as a risk management expert, she shares her stories, key tools, and takeaways for risk management professionals.