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Strategic Operational Risk Resiliency Management

Strategic Risk Services Designed for Your Business Needs

Our firm has experience designing operational programming and strategically managing risk in the public and private sectors. We assist you in identifying your business risks and the issues that may affect your profitability by collaborating with you and your team to:

  • Identify business processes that are costing you money
  • Work with you to address your claims experience to identify processes creating claims and help you put mechanisms into place to stop them from happening
  • Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in your business operations that create risk and claims
  • Help prioritize your operational responses to emerging risks and their potential impact on your budget
  • Assist you in implementing strategic risk resiliency processes to mitigate and manage risk

We work in partnership with you to design risk and safety programs that meet the dynamic needs of your operations. Let us help you maximize the resources you have while minimizing the cost of doing business.

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Policy and Programming Experience



  • Identification of Risk Roadblocks in Business Challenges and Pressures
  • Corporate Risk Functionality Assessments
  • Strategic Planning of Resources for Risk Mitigation
  • Property and Casualty Program Management

Risk and Safety Mitigation

  • Risk Reviews Within Your Parameters
  • Site Specific Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Safety Committee Consensus Building
  • Ethics Standards and Development

Claim and Loss Mitigation

  • Insurance Programming
  • Incident and Claims Management Protocols
  • Incident and Claims Review and Management
  • Workers Compensation Programming Tied to Workforce Experience

Fleet Safety Management

  • Driver Privilege Parameter Policy and Protocols in Union and Non-union Workplaces
  • Fleet Management and Tracking
  • Fleet Focused Claims Management

Contract Management

  • Contract Review Protocols
  • Generic Contract Templates
  • Indemnification Language
  • Project Dependent Insurance Requirements

Emergency Management

  • Business Focused Responses to Emergencies
  • Community Readiness
  • Special Needs Registry
  • Business Continuity Education and Training

Information Technology

  • IT Risk Redundancy Planning and Coordination
  • Social Media Mitigation
  • Vendor System Specific Risk Programming¬†

Vendor Management

  • Purchasing Policy Development
  • Standardized Templates
  • Financial Protocols
  • Certificate of Insurance Tracking Protocols

Security Management

  • Building and Property Security Planning and Coordination
  • Security Facility Reviews
  • Workplace Safety Technology Opportunities

Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence Education and Training