Cost Effectively Manage Your Risk

Your Risk – Your Business – Our Partnership

We understand every dollar counts and the importance of capitalizing on your business efforts with the resources you have. Let’s discuss how we can make a difference to your risk profile by managing risk, working together to embrace who you are and what you hope to achieve.


Rivers Risk Consulting, LLC, provides strategic risk consulting services that empower our clients to achieve their business goals by embracing risk, not avoiding it. We are a small firm with over thirty-five years of experience in managing risk in both the public and private sectors. We strive to identify and provide cost effective risk management solutions that mitigate and manage risk using resources that best work for our clients and their teams. 

Our mission is simple – there is no cookie cutter approach to managing the risk of your business. Your business practices are unique to your economic environment and the resources you must have to strategically succeed. Our risk management consulting firm believes in the value of your dollars and your budget. We collaborate with you to maximize your resources and minimize your costs by working with your corporate counsel, insurers and your insurance agents as part of our team approach. 

Our firm advocates “good governance” by empowering your team to recognize and minimize negative impacts upon your business that result in a better financial performance for you. The empowerment we create with you and your team will assist you in streamlining and maximizing operational efficiency to embrace your risk, not suffer the consequences of risk gone bad.


Rivers Risk Consulting, LLC strives to deliver customized risk solutions for your unique business needs by maximizing your existing team partnerships and resources. We’re a small firm with over thirty-five years of experience in both the public and private sector. We believe in working closely with your employees, customers, and your insurance and legal professionals to capitalize on resources that may not be readily recognizable to assist you in maximizing your human and financial capital.

Marilyn Rivers, CPCU ARM AIC has recently retired after a long and distinguished career in the public sector. She’s a nationally recognized leader and educator in the field of risk management. She has firsthand experience in managing risk in commercial business, local and regional government, healthcare, and the IT business sectors. Her expertise lies in her ability to connect with the folks she partners with to overcome communication issues and achieve consensus. She makes risk work for the folks who live it and are responsible for it.


We believe in a collaborative approach to consulting. Rivers Risk Consulting, LLC relies on the integrity and confidentiality of managing risk your way. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions together. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering personable, relatable risk management solutions that are cost effective and achievable.

Risk is an adventure to be strategically embraced, not avoided. Our approach to your risk management issues is to understand what is important to you, capitalize on your strengths and help you work through whatever weaknesses we may identify together.

Risk is a journey. Let’s take the journey together.